How to add a spin to win wheel to a website? Have you ever seen a site that suddenly displays a rotating wheel you can spin and win something? Surely it is captivating. Would you like to know how to add one to your site?

The fastest and easier way to add a spin to win wheel to a website is to get a WordPress plugin that allows you to create and customize such a wheel. All you have to do is download the plugin, follow the instruction, and create the wheel. The plugin we are going to use is OptinMonster.

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Let’s get right to it.

A spin to win wheel can be one of the most engaging pop-ups you may ever use for your website. You are offering visitors a chance to win something in exchange for an e-mail address.

Using such a pop-up type can help you increase your site’s conversion rates when you compare it with a standard pop-up.

We are going to use OptinMonster to show you how to get it done. OptinMonster is the most used plugin for collecting e-mails (over 900.000 actives users), and it is very user friendly.

How to Add a Spin to Win Wheel To a Website


The first step is to download OptinMonster, going to their site, and choosing the right plan that allows you to create wheels campaigns.

In OptinMonster this is the growth plan.

Once you have selected the plan, follow the instructions for installations, you simply have to download the plugin and activate it. After that, there are clear instructions on how to access your account and create campaigns.

How to Add a Spin to Win Wheel To a Website


Once in your account dashboard select “Create New Campaign”:

How to Add a Spin to Win Wheel To a Website

Then select a wheel template:

How to Add a Spin to Win Wheel To a Website

Once you have selected the wheel template, you will enter another dashboard where you can customize everything about the template. This means you can change text, color, font, size, time of appearance, on which pages, and much more. If there is a thing that can be customized, OptinMonster has the option.

How to Add a Spin to Win Wheel To a Website

You can edit the coupon wheel section, meaning the various prizes for each wheel’s slice. You can customize it as you like it:


You can choose colors, prizes, and make it look stunning. You can also create slots that do not have prices.


As mentioned above, you can choose when to display the wheel. You can display it at any time and anywhere on your website. In fact, there are several display rules options.

How to Add a Spin to Win Wheel To a Website

A powerful option is exit-intent technology. When someone tries to leave your site, the wheel is going to pop-up.

But that is not the only option. You can set up the wheel to show when someone is on your site for a certain amount of time, or when the visitor has scrolled down for a certain percentage, or only on specific pages, or more combinations of options at the same time.


The last thing is to activate the campaign by publishing it.

publishcamp - How to Add a Spin to Win Wheel To a Website

From the OptinMonster dashboard, switch to the ‘Publish’ tab and check the toggle next to the ‘Status’ option.

To see your campaign’s live preview, you can visit your website in a new incognito browser window. Based on your display rules, you’ll see the spin to win wheel popup on the screen.


It can be a great idea to add a spinning wheel plugin on a WordPress website to increase conversions.

Why is that?

Have you ever heard about gamification in marketing?


Gamification in marketings means to use games into promotion strategies; those could be our spin to win wheel, online contests where there are a winner or more winners after several actions are performed, and any similar type of promotion where one can play to win something.

People are more likely to perform an action when games are involved. A study was made amongst employees, showing they were more likely to act if a game was involved.

Statistic: Employee opinion on gamification increasing productivity at work in the United States as of 2019 | Statista
Find more statistics at Statista

Even though it is not internet marketing, it gives a pretty much idea of how much people like games.

Following this concept, one can increase conversion by increasing visitors’ possibility of acting on a sign-up form popping-up.

Here some ideas and plugins that can help you to “gamify” your site.


I am listing some great spin to win plugins. You can choose based on your needs, based on how the plugin lets you really customize the pop-up form for maximum conversion.


OptinMonster is mentioned already before. It allows you to create wheels, gamified coupons, and tons of other pop-ups across your website. It is very customizable, user-friendly with incredible customer support.

OptinMonster provides several templates for a spin to win wheel, again fully customizable and allows integration with all majors e-mail providers. It works for WordPress and WooCommerce.

You can use OptinMonster for other types of pop-ups and be able to choose from hundreds of templates.


You can collect leads for your WooCommerce site wi the concept of visitors try to win a discount by spinning the wheel.

Some of the features:

  • Fully customizable wheel segments according to your requirements
  • Attract users by providing them favorable discount coupons

There are three events on which win wheel pop up can be triggered.

a) On wheel icon click.

b) On page load.

c) On exit intent.

OptinMonster gives more options as to when and where you can display the wheel, however if you need just basics options this may be good for you.

As a note, you cannot generate other types of pup-ups with this plugin, but only spin to win wheel.


Simple plugin to create an opt-in wheel:

  • Capture emails into MailChimp.
  • Create multiple wheels.
  • Configure the chance of winning for each slice.
  • Configure each of the wheel’s 12 slices separately
  • Show as a popup or inline.
  • Choose a predefined theme or create your own
  • Connect with Facebook Messenger
  • GDPR Support
  • Animation & sound

The free and paid version are available. With the paid version, you can only generate the spin to win wheel and not other types of pop-ups.


Specifically, for WooCommerce, this plugin gives you the possibility to create spin to win wheels and customize them.

Main features:

  • 6 Wheel Slices: Free to add/remove wheel slices. It can be up to 6 slices for the free version.
  • Spinning Times: Limit the spinning time of each email address
  • Conditional Tags: Using WordPress conditional tags to configure which pages where the wheel pop-up will appear.
  • EMAILS: A congratulation email will be sent if a customer winning a prize by spinning the wheel. The email will be sent to the email address that the customer has just typed in.


Crazy Rocket provide gamified pop-ups to spark curiosity and engage visitors.

CrazyRocket provides three games to engage users and entice them to complete the purchase because:

  • Gamified pop-ups spark curiosity and challenge users to take action
  • Winning a prize creates a sense of achievement
  • Having a coupon to spend infuses desire

The plugin offers 3 types of games including spin wheel, slot machine, and scratch ‘n’ win cards.


It is a WordPress plugin that works with exit intent, meaning it comes up when visitors try to leave the site. They enter their email address, spin the prize wheel and win a random discount.

It offers all the basics functions for collecting e-mails and basics customization options.


Here some related questions and answers:

  • What does gamification mean in marketing?

Gamification in marketing means using games and concepts to increase conversion on a website. By placing games, competitions, contests, and prizes, one can prompt a better engagement and response from a visitor.

  • What is a gamification strategy?

A gamification strategy is a plan to add games and contests to a website, in specific places to increase engagements and actions from visitors. You can do this on the homepage, specific pages, or e-mails.

  • How does gamification work?

Gamification relies on human emotions. Games and competitions are creating emotional impacts high enough to make a reaction.

  • What are the benefits of gamification in marketing?

There are several benefits for using games in marketings:

  • Fun
  • Increased engagement
  • Increased conversion
  • Affordable marketing
  • Positive association with your site or brand
  • Make Data Collection GDPR Compliant (visitors gives permission clearly)
  • Easy to deploy on a website
  • What are the elements of Gamification?

Game design elements are the basic building blocks of gamification in websites and applications:

  • Points
  • Leaderboards
  • Badges
  • Performance graphs
  • Avatars


I hope you have a better idea of How to Add a Spin to Win Wheel To a Website. In case you have questions, write it in the comments below.