WP Zero Bounce: have you wondered if there is a way to reduce the bounce rate? There are many ways to reduce the bounce rate on your site. One of these is to redirect visitors to another page on your site. It is not very common, but it is a way.

WP Zero Bounce is a software connected with your WordPress site that redirects traffic from any page of your website to another page always on your website. This is meant to reduce the bounce rate, having people stay longer on your site. It is meant to help you with ranking in Google since the bounce rate is one ranking factor.

Let’s see if this may work.

WP Zero Bounce



Are you having trouble with your site’s SEO? Do you know what a bounce rate is? I know how super hard it is to get your visitors stuck on your website. Most of the marketers lose almost 40-60% of their visitors after visiting their websites. These people are just visiting a single page of their site and then go back to where they came from by clicking the back button.

If you are losing visitors just like this, you are definitely losing money as well. So, today what I’m about to show you will change everything.

This is the perfect software that helps you prevent losing visitors. It will force your visitors to go to another page of your site or redirect them to want anywhere. Awesome, right?

WP Zero Bounce Review – Reduce Your Site’s Bounce Rate and Increase Profits


Here are listed some of the feature of this software:

  1. Make More Sales with Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is easy when you let others do the selling for you. With ZERO BOUNCE, you can automatically redirect people to places like Amazon.com using your affiliate link for easy sales!

  1. Make Money with Adsense for Search

Adsense for Search (AFS) is a program where you put a custom search engine on your site and get paid when a person clicks on a result. Use ZERO BOUNCE to redirect “lost” traffic here and get paid every time they use the AFS search engine!

  1. Get a Major SEO Boost

Thanks to Google’s latest updates, the bounce rate is now a MAJOR factor in ranking websites. By virtually eliminating your bounce rate, ZERO BOUNCE gives you a HUGE boost to your ranking power so you can get more laser-targeted, buyer-ready organic traffic!

  1. Build an Ultra Profitable List

People ignoring the opt-in form on your site? Redirect them to a squeeze page for more conversions and signups!

  1. Get Increased Sales

Instead of allowing 50% to 70% of your hard-earned traffic leave without spending a dime, redirect them to coupons, discounts, and other offers to ensure that you’re making as many sales as possible!

  1. Get Lower CPC with Adwords

If your landing page has a low-Quality Score (and it will if you have a high bounce rate), expect to pay an arm and a leg for clicks on your ad. With ZERO BOUNCE, your virtually nonexistent bounce rate will help you get lower CPCs for your ads! Money saved is money earned!

  1. Improve Conversions with Site Networking

Have multiple sites in the same niche? Use ZERO BOUNCE to link them all together. Or redirect “lost” traffic to a page that lists all of your sites so that visitors remain in your network. Sky-rocket your conversions with ease!

  1. Get Quality Feedback and Fully Optimize Your Site

Getting feedback for your site can be tough. People who had issues with it are probably long gone. With ZERO BOUNCE, you can redirect those who click off your site to a survey allowing you to collect relevant data so that you can improve your site for maximum conversions!

  1. Get Creative

With ZERO BOUNCE, the possibilities are endless! Get creative and redirect your “lost” traffic wherever you want.


This is super easy as ABC. Just follow the easy steps on this video:


  1. Save more visitors from leaving your site and monetize them
  2. Get automatic updates for free
  3. Responsive technical support
  4. Awesome bonuses are included
  5. Reduce Your Site’s Bounce Rate


  1. For WordPress users only
  2. Need to have a stable internet connection
  3. Need to contact support desk if you have questions

Your site may look a bit spammy though implementing this method; if you set it up in a way to not give that impression, it can be a trick to use here and there since it is possible to customize which page or post to use it.

Here is another way to get traffic to your site: HOW TO GET TWITTER TRAFFIC FOR YOUR WEBSITE.


It is a trick worth mentioning. In some pages or posts, it would be interesting to use this method. If you have any questions, leave it in the comments below.

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