Must-Have WordPress Plugins You Did Not Know You Could Use

WordPress Plugins: What are the plugins that you absolutely need? Or better, are there problems you could solve with a plugin instead of doing other complicated actions?

Let’s find out what plugins you can use to solve particular problems.



legal pages

When you have a website or blog, you also need to comply with different laws and regulations. The problem is that different countries have different policies and laws.

Should you then spend thousands of dollars in attorneys to go figure out what are the different legal requirements you need?

Well, no.

What are the legal pages you need for a WordPress site? Minimally the following:

  • Terms of Service
  • Terms & Conditions
  • GDPR Privacy Policy
  • GDPR Cookie Policy
  • Earnings Disclaimer
  • Privacy Policy

Just to mention a few. You can do all of this with a WordPress plugin that can help you generate those legal pages.

WP Legal Pages Pro can help you to generate all of the above pages and many more legal pages. There is much more to know and do to get in compliance with all legal requirements, especially if your site starts generating income and traffic.



You may have thought of creating a directory website or a listing website and monetize through them.

By providing lists of different businesses, niche, and so on, you can create a profitable website by making visitors pay for some of those lists, or take advantage of the traffic to sell or generate commission.

The only problem is, how to do it? Should you go and search each single business in on niche and liste it?

No. It would be impossible to do it and keep it updated.

Instead, you can use one the WordPress Plugins perfect for this purpose: WP Local Plus.

Use WP Local Plus To Quickly Create A Local Business Directory:

  • Auto Import from Google
  • Auto Import from City Grid
  • Manually add / Modify Listing
  • One-click – Featured listing
  • Rich Google Maps
  • Monetize your directories
  • Advanced Search for Users
  • Works for all countries
  • Automated ratings & reviews

AUCTION WEBSITE – Woo Auction Software

woo auction software

Have you ever dream to start a site like eBay? Or want to run auctions and you did not know how to get this done?

Well, there are WordPress Plugins that can solve this problem to.

Specifically: Woo Auction Software.

Woo Auction Software Pro Plugin is a powerful plugin to setup your ideal auction website on WordPress. It also works with multi-vendor setup in case you want e-bay style auctions. Supports a wide variety of Auction types: Forward, Reverse, Penny Auctions. 

For example:

This is an easy and simple way to create such a site.

RAFFLE – WP Raffle

wp raffle

Have you tried to host a Giveaway or Raffle, but you did not know precisely how to do it? Raffles are a perfect way to grow lists and increase traffic.

By offering a price for specific actions, you can make people follow you and like your pages in exchange for entering the contest for a price.

If you did not run a GiveAway yet, it is something you should try.

You also need to make it engaging and attractive. Therefore why not use a WordPress Plugin that can help you to do just that?

Let’s use: WP Raffle.

Build Your Social Following & Email List By Hosting A Giveaway On Your WordPress Website Using WP Raffle:

  • Facebook Like Campaigns
  • Twitter Follow Campaigns
  • List Building Campaigns
  • Custom Start & End Times
  • Multiple Prizes & Giveaways


Did you ever think about creating a website like Quora, or your community where people can come and post questions and find answers?

The technicality of doing so can be many, fortunately a WordPress plugin exist to resolve this problem and allowing the creating of such websites.

Meet WP-Answers: WordPress Question and Answer plugin.

  • Build a WordPress Q&A community
  • Import Q&A from StackOverflow
  • Upvote or downvote answers
  • Reward top participating users
  • Comes with a responsive WordPress theme
  • Builtin moderation & spam protection
  • Facebook & Twitter social login
  • Paypal integration for a membership charge

You can charge visitors memberships and monetize from such a site.

SURVEYS – Survey Funnel


Surveys are a great marketing tool. It is essential to gather information and knowing what your audience wants.

You can use Survey Funnel Method to increase Conversion Rates by 450%

People are more eager to tell you what they think and what they want then instead get a sales pitch.

With this plugin you can:

  • Surveys with unlimited questions
  • Order questions based on conditional logic
  • Works across mobiles, tablets & desktops
  • Show survey on single or multiple pages
  • Trigger on exit or link click

to say a few features of this plugin.

Surveys are a must in online marketing.



If you like the idea to find WordPress Plugins that are not common and can help you do the most incredible, different, and funny things for your site, check WPeka.

In this website, you can become a member and download and use 20+ plugins that perform different functions and allow you to add a lot of features to your WordPress site.

They provide premium plugins, and provide as well all the support needed to get going.

If you need one or more of the above plugins, it is better to get a membership so you can push down the cost sensibly.

Amongst the plugins available you can find:

  • WordPress Cookie Consent Plugin for GDPR & CCPA 
  • Wp Special Effects
  • HeatMap Theme Pro
  • WP Ad Center
  • Collage Maker

and more.

Have a look at WPeka.

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