• Features of Both WordPress Pages & Posts


WordPress Pages & Posts – Both Pages & Posts have several things in common:

  There’s no limit to the number of Pages or Posts you create

  They both include a page title

  They both provide all standard content editing tools that WordPress offers (text, lists, headings, alignment, etc.)

  You can add images and/or embed video

  Both Pages & Posts allow you to set a featured image

  They both support custom fields

  They both support comments & trackbacks, although typically these are only shown on Posts

  They both allow you to choose the author of the content, although they’re typically only shown on Posts

  They both maintain a publish date, although this is typically only shown on Posts

  You can set their visibility to the public, password-protected or private

  Revisions are kept for both WordPress Pages & Posts

  Custom layout templates can be used for both

  You can preview your content before making it live

  You can schedule content to publish at a later time

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