Have you tried to formulate your website resolutions for the new year? Most bloggers make plans for the new years, based on what has been the results from the previous years. It is important to have targets for the future and analyze what has been successful and what wasn’t.

It is necessary to have a tool or a summary that can give us in detail what the results have been in terms of traffic, income, and other metrics. I want to go over a tool that will help you to set better goals and what are my goals for the coming year.

website resolutions for the new year



Last year I started to venture into a niche website. I started another site around August, It is all about cats. I started to venture into creating a a niche websites with a subject I am passionate about, and am familiar with.

I thought I would see how it goes and then start from there to create another site. When you start something for the first time, there is a lot of information to get, testing, trials and errors, and analyzing to see if what is working and what is not.

I am analytics obsessed. I look at them every day, even though it is not really necessary, since ranking in Google takes quite some time. But I guess it is an habit that is hard to stop. If any of you know how to get rid of this habit, let me know!

At the end of the year, I have analyzed what results were gotten for the past year and decided what the things to do for the new year are. Even though I look at analytics every day, every month in all possible ways, getting an “End of The Year Report?” is very helpful.


One of the tools you can use is the MonsterInsights “End Of The Year Report.” It is a new feature by MonsterInsights, totally free to use. You will get this report whether you are on a paid plan or just using the free version.

Most bloggers have already installed MonsterInsights on their WordPress site and monitor how their website is doing daily. Here is an example:

Typically, you can see what articles are getting traffic, top referring sites, what countries, and more. At the end of the year, MonsterInsights generate a full report of what happened with your site. You will see things like:

  • Total traffic
  • Top referring site
  • Top articles receiving traffic
  • Top locations that bring you traffic
  • Languages
  • Top keywords generating traffic
  • and more

Instead of having to spend the time compiling a report and figuring it all out, it is already coming to you at the start of a new year, in January.

In this way, it is possible to set new goals for the new year. Analyzing what has been successful the year before and what needs to be improved. Here are some examples:

It is possible to analyze behavior and top pages, here is another example:



Here are my results and my goes based on what my new niche site has accomplished since August last year. With the report, I gathered the following information:

  • Organic Traffic: 768
  • Social traffic: 1424
  • Direct traffic: 353
  • Referral traffic: 20

I have started a Pinterest account two months after I began the site; the site is now five months old. The Pinterest account is now producing 1k visitors a month. I was surprised I got immediate results.

I wasn’t expecting much until at least four months of pinning. I also realized a niche site with better demand in Pinterest could get traffic faster and in higher volumes.

Google traffic is better than I expected. I did not expect much until months six and not in higher volumes until months 8-12. I have been testing low competition keywords, and I had focused on finding topics that no one else had written about.

Since the site is new and has no backlinks, I thought that was the best way to go about it. It has gotten results so far. I am anxious to see what happens at month 8 or 12.

Here are the top 10 producing articles:

Those articles can be promoted more on social media, and I can also find similar types of keywords and produce more articles. Similar reports are available for keywords and top referring countries.

Here is my top 10 resolution for the new year:

  • Add 300 more articles with low competition keywords
  • Find at least 30 topics no one has written about
  • Monetize the site with ads as soon as possible
  • Write 50 articles specifically about products
  • Continue to grow the Pinterest account to get 10k visitors a months
  • Go into building backlinks
  • Get site traffic over 50k this new year with all actions combined
  • Work on affiliate programs to generate income from there too

Those are the new year’s main goals after I have seen the results from the past year.


I have decided to start a niche site in August, after a bit of research I decided what would be the best course of action and started testing. Those are the things I have done.


I did some keyword research to figure out what to write about. I have researched topics and keywords with low competition and low volume. Each time I searched, how many other articles were written already. I would write an article if there were a chance to rank with a new website without backlinks.


I made sure to write over 30 articles the first two months the website was live, give some good momentum, and then added regular articles, about 15-20 the following months.


I did not want to wait on Google to give me traffic. I started to create a Pinterest account as soon as I got enough articles to share. I have seen other bloggers getting over 100k in visitors per month only from Pinterest, and I thought I should get going with it. Why not trying?


I tried to get a lot of educations and getting better at writing. After you start writing and get some practice, it is normal to get better at it and get also more results. Monitoring how each article is performing can tell a lot of what to do with the next.


I tried to improve in quality, improving writing and website design, photos, and overall image. It is hard when you are not used to the technicality in WordPress, but after a trying and testing, it is possible to get some good results.


Find courses of successful bloggers, learn from them how to do keyword research, Pinterest work, and all needed to create a successful blog. It can cut the time of success in half. Additionally, the web, social media are changing. One has to keep up to date and adjust to what is going on.

Sometimes, it is necessary to invest a bit of money to get some premium course, but if you find the right people and the right course, you will get back the original investment.


I hope this was useful to you and set killer new year resolutions for your website. If you have any questions or want to add something, leave it in the comments.

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