Tailwind Create for Instagram and Facebook is a new feature inside Tailwind Create that lets you schedule your content across those platforms while you create your pins for your Pinterest account.

It is advantageous to have a tool that can simultaneously resize your designs to work with different social media platforms. All you really have to do is create the content, create the design, and with a few clicks, have them ready to post them on Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook.

Let’s see how.

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Tailwind Create for Instagram and Facebook



Have you ever tried to schedule a loss with an image across different social media platforms to only find out a few moments later that your images were blurry for some social media platforms, but, in contrast, in some others, they looked ok.

If it happened to you, you know that you cannot use the same image size across all social media if you want them to look presentable.

To give you an idea, each time you want to use an image for a social media platform, you have to change the size to fit that platform if you’re going to have a high-quality post.

Here is an example of how the size of an image needs to have to be posted on the following social media platforms:


The recommended sizes are as follow for the different social media platforms:

  • Facebook upload size: 1,200 x 630 
  • Tweet with shared link: 1200 x 628
  • Instagram images: 1080 x 1080
  • Pinterest Pins 600 x 900 typically. Pinterest allows other sizes too.

If you want to use the same image for the profile picture, ads, or other places on each social media platform, you have to resize them one by one, and if you post a lot, the task can become really time-consuming.

Fortunately, some tools can help resize images and post them on social media platforms with just a few clicks and minimal loss of time.


Tailwind Create for Instagram and Facebook is the solution to resize your design and post them simultaneously across Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram.

Here is an example of how a design can look when resized properly, using Tailwind Create, to be posted across those platforms:


Creating content and a beautiful design can take time, and when one is busy creating content a tool that help creating new design and make them fit for several social media platform can make work really easy and fast.

Tailwind Create allowed people to create designs for Pinterest Pins and schedule them on Pinterest. Recently a new feature has been added which allow the same design to be resized and used for the following things:

  • Instagram feed
  • Instagram stories
  • Pinterest
  • Facebook feed
  • And Facebook scheduling is coming soon

How does it work exactly?


If you are using Tailwind already, you have access to Tailwind Create to create designs and post them across social media.

Tailwind is now forever free, meaning that everyone can use it to schedule Pins, and create designs with Tailwind Create.

Here is what you can do with the free plan:

  • 1 Pinterest Profile(s)
  • 1 Instagram Profile(s)
  • 20 Posts/mo
  • 20 Post Designs/mo
  • Facebook Coming Soon!
  • 5 Tailwind Communities
  • Smart.bio Custom Link
  • Basic Analytics

Here are all the plans:

Once you signed up for Tailwind on the free plan or any of the paid plan you can start to create your designs with Tailwind Create and post your designs.

You can access Tailwind Create from the Tailwind dashboard on the left side:

You can click on start a new design to create your pin and posts for Instagram and Facebook:

Once you get to this page, you need to place your blog article link and change or keep the title for your Pin design. Once that is done, you can select a few pictures to use for your designs, which will be automatically created.

Go to the next window and select your designs:

You can also edits the designs changing anything you like, from the text, color, font, font size and more.

You can also edit your designs in the next window. Once you are ready and selected the designs you want, you can go to the next step, clicking on “Review Your Selections.”

Once you are in the window, you can create the designs for Instagram and Facebook. You have to click on the arrow and select the designs you need.

You will see the how the designs are going to look on the different social media platforms:

You can select all of them and download them directly or just send them to schedule. You have again the chance to edit all the designs here before you use them:

This is all. If you do it from beginning to end in one sit, you can do everything in just a few minutes. It is instrumental in having such a tool if you use more than Pinterest for business, but you are active in Facebook and Instagram.

If you created an Instagram post, Tailwind would move your post directly to your Instagram account in Tailwind where you can add the relevant hashtags and descriptions and send them to schedule.



I can tell you my experience with Pinterest Create. Since when Tailwind Create came out, I am using it to create nearly all my pins.

Are you curious to see how they do?

Since quite some time has passed since the last time I have shown some of the results, here is an update:

This graph represent my Pinterest activity for the past 90 days. The pins are performing well, they get impressions, clicks and engagements.

The Pins are designed through Tailwind. I want to show the most successful pins. Here is the list of the top pins:

In total in the lat 90 days Pinterest has sent to my site over 3500 people:

The top pin alone has created 800 clicks. It was designed with Tailwind Create. Here is how it looks:

The pin has different shades of colors and filters, and I am not sure if I was to design it myself I would have come up with this combination. When I saw it, I immediately liked it. Here are the stats over time:

It stil generate clicks every month, and it hasn’t died yet. I am expecting more pins to become successful or even more successful. Here is another pin, always designed with Tailwind Create, that is becoming successful:

The designs are beautiful, and there are many variations one can choose from; and if you are not happy, you can customize them as needed. My results may not be typical. You can see typical results here.



Can you use tailwind for free?

It is now possible to use Tailwind for free, with no credit card required. Just link your Pinterest account to Tailwind and get going. The free version allows everyone to post up to 20 posts and create 20 designs per month.

What does tailwind app do?

Tailwind app lets you create and post pins to Pinterest. It is scheduling your pins for a future date too. It is possible to decide the scheduling slots, and the tool tells you which times are best for posting. You can also post to Instagram and Facebook, and now you can create designs for Instagram and Facebook too.

Does tailwind still work?

Tailwind work is a tool that assists creators in creating designs and posting them across Pinterest and other social media. The platform is configured with features and tools that follow Pinterest and different social media workflow and rules. It is designed to make work easy and fast.

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