Live Chat on a Website: have you ever tried to install a live chat on a website? In this case, there is a free and easy way to do so without the need to code and, at the same time, create a great mailing list.

Setting up a live chat on a website can have many advantages. Not only it provides rapid service and answers to your visitors, but it may help you increase the size of your mailing list, since in most cases, you may ask them to provide their email addresses.

There are even more advantages. Today many e-mail marketing platforms are adding this feature for their customers, some even for free.

Let’s see what is the best option.



Let’s see what are the advantages of going through the effort of setting up a live chat on a website.


By giving the possibility to your visitors to get a direct answer to any question, will increase conversions. People want to have fast and easy access to information; they do not like to wait and wish to have assistance at the time they ask for it.

You can see it on yourself if you are interested in something but have some doubts, a quick way to get an answer can be the deciding point in favor of a favorable decision.

Here is an example of live chat

live chat on a website

or when you click on the message icon, you have the possibility to ask any question you need.

live chat on a website

This is great when it comes to speed and service.


When you can answer your visitors right there and then and provide excellent service, whether they buy or not, it gives a very professional impression. This alone can gain trust and confidence for them to continue to come back and buy from you.


This tool is not yet in use by everyone, who can provide a better service, has a significant advantage against the competition. You can stand out from the crowd.


You have a direct line with your customers; there is no need to have someone always available on the phone. People ofter like better to chat rather than call and wait for someone.


When you realize what type of questions your visitors have, you can also understand if there are issues on the site, or if something needs to be improved. If you always get the same question about something that is not clear, you can take action.


Get leads each time someone chats with you. It is a sure way to increase a mailing list size and get customers that otherwise would be lost.


Let’s go over an easy and fast way to get a live chat on a website, together with an excellent e-mail platform.



Once there, sign up for a free account. You can use Sendinblue to send e-mails for free and collect e-mails. On top of using the account for FREE, you can also use the chat for FREE.



A. Complete your profile form

B. Import all of your contacts

C. Schedule your first email campaign

Once this is done and you got the 100%, meaning you have done all the activation steps, it is now the moment to add the live chat.


Click on “plus” (+) in the top menu bar

click on + at sendinglue, add a live chat on a website

Once you have clicked you are forwarder to this page:

sendingblue - add a live chat on a website

Once here, scroll down and look for chat, once you find it activate it.

add live chat on a website

activate it

sendingblue - add a live chat on a website

Once activated, click on “Go to Chat”. You are then brought to a page where you can start setting up the live chat.

Take into account that is for free.

set up a live chat - sendingblue

Now click on “Get started with the Chat”.

Now you are going to a set up page where you can customize colors and the look of your chat.

live chat set up

You can see how mine can look now. It is possible to change the colors to match the theme of your site, and it is possible to upload a logo If you wish.

Once you changed the colors as needed click ” Set up your operator profile” at the bottom:

chat installation at sendingblue

Here you can change the name of the operator and upload a picture. It is a good idea to upload a picture, it makes the experience more personal, it doesn’t look like you are talking to a machine.

In fact now it is much better

live chat with sendingblue

Once you have done everything, click on “Install Chat” at the bottom. You can follow this tutorial to go into specifics on configuring installation.

Installation is simple, and the tutorial gives you all the data on how to add e-mails with videos and FAQs.

If you have any question you can also contact Sendinblue customer service.


Sendinblue offers cloud-based digital marketing tools to over 175,000 growing companies around the world; it is an e-mail marketing platform that mainly serves small and medium-sized businesses.

The best part of Sendingblue is that you can start using the platform for free, they allow you to grow before you have to pay.

With the free plan you can send up to 300 e-mails per day.

Sendingblue prices

The price plans are relatively cheap for what they offer, with only $19 ( Lite Plan ) you can email to 40.000 e-mails per month.

But even if you start for free, you have 9000 emails per month; this is an outstanding amount of emails, take into accounts that other providers charge for customers using their platforms, after the usual 7 to 14 days trial.

The possibility to send those emails comes with all the features available in Sendinblue, including analytics, opening rates, click-through rates, see which contacts are more engaged, and so on.

sendingblue- email campaign

In other words, free doesn’t come with poor service, but Sendinblue allows people to operate, promote, and get customers so they get on their feet and can afford the rest of the plans.

Overall I found Sendinblue very easy to use; the e-mail creation process is done with a drag and drop builder. There are templates you can use; you can add photos, logos, and so on.


Sendinblue is perfect for getting started with e-mail marketing. It is free; you can just get started and be introduced to all the features of an excellent e-mail platform. Additionally, you can create a live chat on your website always for free.

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