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There are a few things that really blow my mind.

Tailwind is one of those things, I would just work on it all day long if I would not have other things to be done through the day. Honestly, it is addicting, in a good way. It is funny to use and productive at the same time. I wish that using Tailwind could be my full-time job.

But hey, until that dream comes through……. Here we are doing the other thing I love… Writing.

It is also, and most importantly when I started to get somewhere with Pinterest and get more exposure to my blog and articles.

Honestly, when I heard about it through other people’s videos and articles I was skeptical, why can’t I just do the scheduling myself? And what is this Tribe thing all about? Aren’t we supposed to do the group board technique?

Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite

The first time I came into the platforms I could not really understand how to use it even though the first thing you get is a tour, so I dropped it for 2 or 3 weeks, finally some good sense got the better of me and I decided to actually duplicate it and start using it, after I saw other people having success with it.

Anyway was free to try, so why not?


I was really looking forward to write an article on HOW TAILWIND WORKS.


HOW TAILWIND WORKS: Tailwind is an application, software or platform that allows you to interact with Pinterest, they are in fact official Pinterest partners.

This means you will never get in trouble for using Tailwind, I have used tailwind now for 3 months and my account never got canceled and I never had any problem.

With Tailwind you can schedule your Pins, share them with other people that are part of what they call Tribes. This means your Pins are being used and pinned in other people boards and accounts, in this way, those Pins are getting huge exposure which otherwise would not be possible.

Tailwind is also Instagram Official Partner. There are a lot of features and options, which I am going to show you one by one.

Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite


Let’s take a look inside Tailwind.

How Tailwind works for scheduling?

Let’s assume you already logged in and have connected the accounts, which takes a few clicks and it is free.

How tailwind works

What you see above is inside Tailwind, into my main Pinterest account.

You have the Menu in the left side, the first thing you see when you enter is the Dashboard Overview for the last 7 days, so you can see the overall activities, followers and so on.

The greatest features is for sure the scheduling. So we are starting with that.

how tailwind works

Go to Publisher from the Menu at your left. Click on “Draft”.

You can then upload photos and videos clicking on the black cloud, or you can schedule from Instagram or you can schedule from Facebook. ( there is even a guide to show you how to do it on Video )

How tailwind works, pin scheduling

Choose the one you want to use. However, there is even a better feature, that allows you to upload images and make your Pins super fast.

It is the Pinterest extension.

Just find it in Google to download typing Tailwind Safari extension, you can also get it from inside Tailwind.

how tailwind works safari extension

On your right you can click on schedule Pin and there you have the option of getting the safari extension. It comes up in the top Safari bar as an icon with the Tailwind symbol, as you can see below.

how tailwind works, safari extension

What can you do with it?

Instead of upload and downloading photos, you go to your site, or any site you want to use to upload images for your Pin, for example, this is one of my latest articles.

how tailwind works, guide

What happens if i click on the Tailwind Safari Extension icon?

Voila’! All the images in the articles are shown for me to select to import into Tailwind to create my new Pin. Let’s select an image, for example the one at the very right, the “ 9 Steps to Create a Blog”

I click on that image and then click: “ Go to schedule” at the bottom right corner.

This brings us to the next window:

Tailwind Pin scheduling

At this point you can edit, choosing the board you want to pin it to, the description, which tribe you want to add it to ( we will cover this later), which Smart Loop ( we will cover this later), you could edit the URL, but since we took it directly from the website you can leave it as is, as it is already correctly edited. You can also directly share it with Facebook and Twitter.

Once all settings are made, push “Add to queue” and the Pin will be scheduled. ( You can also Pin it immediately if you wish )

Once you have scheduled some Pins, your schedule is going go look like this:

tailwind scheduling

You can schedule many pins per day and timing as you wish.




Under publisher, choose “ Your schedule” :

Once in there, you can decide how many slots per day and timing:

Tailwind schedule

You can add time slots, change the timing based on what time is the best for you to Pin in order to reach people better. As you can see I have quite an intensive schedule.



Each time you Pin, the content is shown by Pinterest in the feed of your followers. So let’s say you Pin only once a day, that the only time your content gets shared.

What if you could scale this? And what if you can set it up so this can occur while you do other thing? And what if there are tools that allow to get images from your site or other places with a click and schedule with a few click?

The Pin is the basic unit of Pinterest. It is the equivalent to the tweet on twitter. Pins consist of an image or video. Pins also include information specifying the board in which it is pinned, the source (either uploaded or taken from the web) and an indication from whom it was repined (if indeed it was).

Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite

This is why it is imperative to have such a scheduling tool, to make sure your content is seen more often and at the right times. All of this done by reducing the time investment which can then be used to do writing or other things.

I spend usually 3 or 4 hours to set up nearly a month of scheduling and then I let it run. All made easier by the Safari extension. It takes a few minutes per Pin.



A Tailwind Tribe is an online community made up of bloggers and influencers sharing content in a similar niche. You share your blog posts to the Tribe and if your Tribemates like your content, they’ll share it to their Pinterest Boards for their audience to see.

There are many Tribes already formed in Tailwind, you can also create one, however when you first come in you want to join already exiting Tribe, and submit your Pins for the other members to share in their own accounts, the wholes system works on the basis that each members shares as well Pins not only submitting them.

It is a good rule to use is, if you submit a Pin, share one too, from other members of the Tribe. At least share the same amount that you submit, I like to give more then what I take so I usually share a bit more,


how tailwind works, tribes

In the Menu, click on Tribes, to enter the Tribes dashboard.

Once you are in there, you can click on Find a Tribe.

Once you are into finding a Tribe, you can search Tribes by keywords, for example, if you want a blogger Tribe, type blog:

tailwind tribes

At this point scroll down and join the Tribes you want to join.

With the Free plan you can only start with 5. So select the 5 and go back to “ Your Tribes”.

In the Top Left corner, you can select a Tribe so you can start sharing and submitting Pins.

tailwind tribes

Let’s say I choose “ Blogging as a Business” Tribe, let’s enter the dashboard and see what we find.

tailwind tribes

You can see at the top a bar, with different Options the first one is “New”, this is where you see all the Pins submitted from the members of the Tribe you are in, In this case we can see the Pins from Blogging as a Business Tribe, the screen shows the first 4 pins, scrolling down you can see all the rest of the pins.

The Option “Yours “, allows you to see all the pins you submitted, as for example here:

tailwind tribes, how tailwind works

Here you can also see the number of times your Pins are re-shared and from who, if you see there are some numbers under the first image of each pin, I could click on it and it would tell me who reshaped the pin, if it was already scheduled and what is the potential in terms of impressions.

This Pin was reshaped one time if I click on the image next to the one I can see the following:

This specific pin was re-shared from this person, and it can give me 8900 impressions, it is still scheduled, it will tell you when it is published.

In this menu I can see all the Pins I submitted to this tribe, scrolling down I can see them all, at the top you can see how many, in this case, it says 30.

Moving forwards you can click on weekly Highlights, meaning how many re-shares, which pins were re-shared the most from this tribe and so on.

The last Option is “ see More “ here you can see how many pins you re-shared, who else did as well.

how tailwind works - tribes

At your left you can see the Tribe Rules and description.




At the very top, there is another very cool function: Tribe Insights.

Let’s see HOW TAILWIND WORKS with Tribe Insights.

If you click into the insights, you can see the following:

tailwind and how it is working

226 re-shared !! and 1.5 million reaches !!!

Scrolling down you can see the results by Tribes so you can see if it is worth continuing with that tribe of find another one.

tailwind tribes

All in all, this was really worth it.



This is, in my view, allow to great exposure and the possibility to exponentially increase views and click to your pin.

You do not have to go through Groups boards, even tough those can also be joined in combination with Tailwind Tribes.

Here are my personal results.

Tailwind tribes

I started with Tailwind somewhere around July 1st. I started the free trial and started sharing Pins with the 5 Tribes I joined at that time.

After approximately 2 weeks I got my first pick.

Before that, it was pretty much a flat line. I decided then to go all in and got more and more picks.

Since then I am hooked also because I really like to create pins and fill up the schedule.

This system is actually a genius creation.





HOW TAILWIND WORKS with the account insights?

There is an entire section dedicated to insights, this gives all the data regarding the growth of the account within a certain specific time.

In this section, you can see the profile performance, board performance, Pin performance and more.

how tailwind works

Let’s check the profile performance:

tailwind profile performance

I selected to see the last 30 days ( 7, 14 days and other time range can be selected ), you can see how many followers were gained.

In this example I can see I have gained 2000 followers in the last 30 days, how may daily in the graph at the top right. I can see data as engagement rate, score and vitality.

This is great to evaluate how the profile is going.

Furthermore, you can select the “ Board Insights “

Tailwind Board insights

Data on followers by type of board, how many pins, re-pins, virality and so on. Similarly, you can go to the “ Pin inspector “ and see a similar report:

tailwind tribes

Another great report is the “website insights” if your Pinterest account is connected to a website. There is a great report shown:

tailwind insights

I can see how many pins, winners and Potential impressions for a selected period of time. Scrolling down the report shows as well when is the best time to schedule pins, based on when the website visitors are more active.

Tailwind insights



What is the Tailwind Smart Loop? HOW TAILWIND WORKS with the Smart Loops?

It is a feature that allows for Pins to be rescheduled to be posted every week or every other week deeding from your schedule. You may have pins that are evergreen: meaning is always applicable. You may want to give them more exposure and re-post them.

Also, you may have pins that are seasonable and you may want to post during a certain period of time, like summer, or Christmas holiday and so on.

With Tailwind there is this option, to put those Pins in a Smart Loop.

You can access the Smart Loop from the menu:

tailwind smartloop

From here you can create a loop, or edit one. You can also add a pin to a Smart Loop at the very beginning when you are scheduling a new pin, you have the option to add that pin to a Smart Loop.

This is a great feature as you do not have to post and repost the same pin, you schedule it once and it is set up.

Once you click on create a new loop you are given the option o choose an evergreen loop or seasonal loop

Once you are scheduled your loops you can see them in your schedule:

You can see one of my pins that is on a Loop, is schedule and I can recognize it from the circle over it.



This is coming directly from heaven!

HOW TAILWIND WORKS with the Instagram account?

I was going to give up Instagram, it took me so much time to download pictures and re-upload them into Instagram, and then do the hashtags and so on, too much time consuming so that I decided to take this time and use some other social media.

I then got an email to try Tailwind schedules for Instagram, I gave it a try.

It is amazingly easy and at the same time of one post previously, I can schedule 10 of them, with full caption hashtags, get them into the facebook page at the same time, pin at well with a few clicks.

This is another genius invention, and between me and you, since Instagram is now becoming very picky with third party software and easily blocking any sort of automation, Tailwind comes at the right time.

Tailwind is an official partner of Instagram, so there is no danger or block to the account and allows for an organic growth of the account.

Let me show you how doesn’t it work, at the top you can switch account by clicking on the arrow, I have already added one of my Instagram accounts to Tailwind:

I can push on the Easy_phone_deals icon and switch to my Instagram account.



As soon as I come in, as in the Pinterest account, I immediately get the overview of the account;

Followers, how many gained over a period of time, engagement, virility score, etc.

There is a menu on the left, which give the possibility to access different options:

There is a publisher menu, where is possible to schedule post, manage the schedule, and of course create the posts. There is also an Insight menu that allows to analyze the profile performance.



HOW TAILWIND WORKS for Instagram scheduling?

This is sooo easy that it is super funny. The Safari extension extracts the pictures from a website completed with captions.

Let’s take one of my website, a dropshipping site which is connected with Instagram and let’s randomly pick up a page:

tailwind for instagram

This is a page filled with smartphones, in the past, I had to download the photo, create the post add the hashtags and finally post it.

Here you see at the top of the photo, the small Tailwind symbol? That is the safari extension.

Let me click on it:

Voila’! Those are all the posts ready to be selected for scheduling to Instagram. At this point I am going to select the one I want to post. I actually selected them all.

Instagram for tailwind.

I have now selected them all and the next step is to click go to schedule:

There they are all my posts ready to be edited and scheduled. Now they have already the caption and I can pin it on my Pinterest account as well as Facebook with 2 more clicks, I can also click on the suggested hashtags. I can select up to 30 hashtags. I just click on the one I want.

Tailwind for Instagram

You see I started to add the hashtags, it takes really seconds as they are suggested, it is even suggested the ones that is more competitive and what is the reach.

Great, Great Feature!

I now complete the hashtag section, I add to post the post on facebook as well as to pin it in one of my boards. I then select add to Queue.

Let’s now go to the scheduled post and see what we have:

Tailwind for Instagram

Here are my posts!

As with the Pinterest account, one can choose the schedule and how many posts per day.

This is my schedule for when to post.

Taiwlind for Instagram

I have a very intensive schedule. This can be changed in adding slots or canceling them.



The Insight features are super cool, you can see the posts numbers, followers gained, likes gained over time and so on

You can see also comments and so on. It is great!



HOW TAILWIND WORKS with the price plans?

Ok, it took me some time to duplicate fully how everything works.

At first, you can start with the Free Trial, as I did. You can join 5 Tribes, submit 30 pins to them as overall and use the scheduling tool to submit 100 pins.

After the 100 Pins are scheduled and you used the 30 submissions, you should go to the paid plan:

Basically with the PLUS plan, which is the cheapest, you get:

  • Smart Pin Scheduling
  • Schedule 400 Pins/month
  • Basic Profile & Board Metrics
  • Basic Website Insights
  • 30-Day History Archive
  • 1 Account Included
  • 5 Tailwind Tribe Memberships
  • 30 Monthly Tribe Submissions
  • 250 Active SmartLoop Posts

This plan is for one account.

What happen if you have one account and you want to join more Tribes or schedule more Pins or have more pin added a Smart Loop?

Without changing your plan you can get what they call Power-ups.


HOW TAILWIND WORKS with the Power-ups?

A Power-up is an option to be part of more Tribes and schedule more Pins with the same price plan.

Tailwind prices

There are different options for Unlimited Tribes as well as Unlimited Pins, or you can just go to the 400 Pins.

I feel comfortable with the 400, as even I have an intensive schedule I still can ’t be that much on Pinterest. I may have to hire someone at some point.

There are Power-Ups for everything, like the Smart Loop.

Once you started your free trial you can take a tour on all the price plans.


Similar pricing. Remember the price for an Instagram account in Tailwind is in addition to any other account you may have.

instagram pricing in tailwind

You can start with a FREE TRIAL, that allows you to schedule 30 posts, then you have to upgrade.



Another great point, which I like the most when I buy a service, is the customer service.

When I have a question, they always answer very fast and give all the details.

There is even a chat inside Tailwind to connect to other bloggers or Tailwind users.


I am sure there are other things I may have forgotten if there are questions contact me and I will answer them.

Otherwise, this is a great tool!



And of course Find us in Pinterest !

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