Step 4: Find a WordPress Theme


A WordPress theme is a pre-designed and pre-coded interface template for WordPress. It saves you the trouble (and money) of having to design your website from scratch or to pay someone else to do it for you.

When you log into WordPress for the first time, WordPress will automatically assign their latest theme to your site.

WordPress theme

If you want to use a WordPress theme that works better for your niche, don’t be afraid to look around and to find the best and most trustworthy WordPress theme for your purposes.

Keep in mind that every theme requires some configuration. Also, not every theme works the same way.

Some utilize a basic text editor (which looks similar to the blank page in Microsoft Word), while others use a page builder or visual editor. So, switching from one theme to another will force you to do a little rework if or when you make a switch.

If you want to spare yourself the possible hassle, then don’t move on to the next steps until you’ve found the perfect WordPress theme for your site.

I recommend to use premium themes to make your site professional.

Most recommended:

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