•How to Create a WP Site?


The first time you step foot inside the WordPress dashboard, you can’t help but marvel at how simple it all appears to be. A management sidebar on the left, a clean interface to work within in the center and notifications at the top. But once you start digging deeper into WordPress, you may feel overwhelmed as you dig deeper into the layers of functionality within the content management system. So, let’s talk about practical steps here.

How to Create a WP Site?

The following WordPress tutorial will walk you through all the necessary steps in setting up your first WordPress site.

  • Step 1: Choose a Domain
  • Step 2: Purchase Web Hosting and Domain
  • Step 3: Install WordPress
  • Step 4: Find a WordPress Theme
  • Step 5: Install Your WordPress Theme
  • Step 6: Configure Your WordPress Theme
  • Step 7: Publish Your First Pages
  • Step 8: Create a Menu
  • Step 9: Configure Your WordPress Settings
  • Step 10: Install Essential WordPress Plugins

Let’s go into details with the upcoming lessons. We are going to make you create your site concurrently.

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