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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Blog Interactive System?

It is an interactive guide. It guides you through all the steps; it lets you choose paths, and it gives the possibility to ask questions, get answers and gets things done for you as needed. Based on your scenario, you get the right guide.

How many hours per day do I need?

It is up to you. We give you the guides and all the materials. You can log in and get going on your own time.

How does it work?

Just sign up, it is free for now,  the one who signs up now will have lifetime access. It is going to stay free for most of its modules and features but in the future, some areas are going to be restricted and will become paid services.

How long before I can monetize from a Blog?

This System can bring you to a point wherein three months you can make a part-time income, in 6 months double it and in one year a full-time income. However, if you only work on this very part-time, consider that the timing can extend. Everything needs its work to succeed, this is not a quick “get rich overnight”. This line of promotion is not truthful and we do not approve of it.

What do I need to get going with this system?

If you put the effort, we can help you through it. The Blog Interactive System is a unique system of teaching; you learn one step, then you do it, you get assistance if you can’t, or if you have any question. So your intention to succeed needs to be there, we can make it very easy for you. You have to do the rest.

You need of course to cover the costs of web hosting and other tools that are needed to run a blog. We would say a minimum of $15/month to several hundred if you want to invest in making things faster.

Why this system is different?

Simply because we exchange a lot with the audience, for very little. The service goes beyond any payments that will be ever requested. This way of learning online how to blog is interactive and doesn’t exist in any other place in the web.

Is there anything else?

 Take advantage now. In the future some features are going to be paid, even though the system will stay free for everyone to learn the basics.