Hello there. This page was missing from this website.

I thought about letting you know a little bit about me and about this blog. First of all, I am Italian. I was born in Sicily, in the very south of Italy. And no, I have no relations with the “The Mafia”, in case someone wanted to ask.


This blog started in May/July 2019. But my adventure online started in April 2019. I did not like originally WordPress, I considered it was too difficult therefore I started 3 or 4 other websites.

The overall idea is to make money online legitimately.

And yes it went all over my head and I had to re-start, and what you see now is what I have been working this year.

I liked the idea to display products and services people could use to make money online, and overall product reviews.

Here you can find ideas on how to make money online, software to use and more recently how to make money blogging since it is what I am doing.

But I want to tell people what others are not really saying and give all the tools to start an online business.


Especially I wanted to add to the articles things that other bloggers do not write or show.

I like to show inside the actual products so people can make a good decision, and also define terms used which may be a bit difficult to understand.

When I started and I did my online research, I read many articles on WordPress, and most of them were very technical and general with little explanations.

I became very frustrated and decided I would do better than that.

I started to make money mainly with sponsored posts and developed my own way to procure customers and be good about it. This leads to my


Now that I developed a good way to make money online with a sponsored post I can tell others.

Here is my first product which tells what others are not willing to say.




  • I love writing, even though I dreamed about writing books and becoming famous…. did not quite happen yet.
  • I am still single.
  • I have 2 cats, they are the best thing ever.


  • I lived most of my life abroad ( outside Italy ), I left around 22 and came back at 39. I have been to Greece, Belgium, France, Sweden, Germany, Spain, and the United States for the past 4 years.
  • But Italy is on top of my list. Too much good food and places nice places.
  • I love coffee. Lots of coffee
One of my Favourite coffee
  • I am a soccer fan, my favorite team is AC Milan, but I love Barcellona and Messi. Amongst other things.
Me trying to be Messi
  • Once I published an ebook. It was written overnight and was just a test, I just wanted something out there with my name. It was many years ago and I don’t even know what happened with it and if it is still on the site.
  • The thing I am most proud of is the Italian translation of the ” Millionaire Booklet ” by Grant Cardone. Grant is one of the top 10 Entrepreneurs in the world, ( OVER 1,2 MILLION FOLLOWERS IN YOU TUBE ONLY ) multi-millionaire and my top inspiration. He wrote a booklet and asked people to help him translate it. I took the ball and send him an email and a message via Snaptchat. I got the job!!! and here it is:
Millionaire Booklet

There it is on the Official site:

There it is on the official Grant Cardone site. When I click on it, I can see all the how many languages it was translated to and they also give credit to the translators.

and scrolling down there I am, in the Italian section:

  • I can speak and write in Italian and English, I can also understand French and Spanish
  • I went to High School, very technical, Aeronautic Buildings. I had very good grades but left in the last year to go and do volunteer work for over 15 years.
  • People call me Vittoria, Vitto’ but one of my best nicknames from one of my American friends is ” Italian Stallion”. That could give an idea of my attitude toward things.
  • At High School, I had a diary with tons of poetry and other good writing, I lost it.
  • I used to read Dylan Dog, I had the entire collection from the number one and was lost.

Keep coming back as I will update this page often.

Want to ask me questions? Write to me at info@iamreallife.com.